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Coaching For Creatives

Master stress, embrace change, and amplify growth and fulfilment in your life both on and off set

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coached by jess, Jessica McGann, Life Coach, Coach for Creatives

I understand the creative journey

It can sometimes feel like a winding road full of surprises. If you're in theatre, film, or TV, you're no stranger to the work-life balance hustle. 

But here's the deal: Every great story has its challenges and triumphs.

As a TV Producer, I'm right here with you in the midst of it all, and I've seen firsthand the incredible benefits this journey brings to your career and personal life.

As an ICF Certified Coach, I specialize in guiding creatives toward personalized strategies that reduce stress, embrace change, and drive transformative personal development. My coaching empowers individuals to harness their creative energy while building resilience in the face of uncertainty.

I use a holistic approach along with Motivational Interviewing, and Somatics. I offer powerful questions, reflections, tools, challenges, meditations, and a variety of exercises to help you deepen your understanding of who you are and what you need.

My coaching is all about helping you script your story

So, is this for you? If you’re ready to

Conquer stress like the hero you are

Embrace change and rewrite your path

Unlearn behaviors and patterns which no longer serve you

Boost resilience and face your challenges

Confront the sh*t which has been holding you back

 Let your creativity flow like a masterpiece

And Become a respected leader in your creative world

You might just have met the person who’ll be by your side to make it happen
Let’s do this thing.

"My life and personal progress is a testament to Jessica's aptitude for healing and uplifting the human spirit. Without her guidance, encouragement and support, I would not be the woman I am today, and it is overwhelming to articulate or measure the degree in which she has helped me."

Hi, my name is

Jessica McGann.

I spent over two years travelling the world solo, living in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, accumulating 30 countries (and still counting)

When I returned home I worked my way up in the film and television industry and am now a TV Producer having worked on shows such as All Round Champion, Blown Away, Big Brother Canada and more.

When my mental health hit rock bottom in 2020 I became passionate about learning all things Mental Health and returned to school to receive my Diploma in Life Coaching.

My holistic approach to Life Coaching helps you get what you want by channelling your strengths, challenging your limiting beliefs, and concentrating on your goals sprinkled with a bit of psychosocial education. Together, we will reflect on your past experiences, take action in your present, and create a bright future. Together we will create a growth-oriented aura around you, design implementable strategies, and fill your toolkit with skills that will set you up for lasting fulfilment and happiness in all areas of your life.


The magic is in you already. Lets work together to realize your astounding potential.

  • What is Life Coaching?
    The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Life Coaching as "a thought-provoking & creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential." me? well I completely agree
  • What is the difference between Coaching and Counselling?
    The objective of Counselling is to help people address and resolve past trauma that is affecting them emotionally and impairing their ability to function well in the present. Life Coaching on the other hand focuses on the client's present circumstances and mindset and works towards the desired future as defined by the client.
  • What happens during a coaching session?
    Everyone is an expert in their own life, so in that respect, coaching is not an ADVICE platform. What works for me won't necessarily work for you and vice versa. Everyone has their own journey and from that your own unique dreams, needs, passions, dislikes etc. I partner with you to investigate and create YOUR dream life. Our sessions will be designed to fit your needs. I will offer powerful questions, reflections, tools and exercises to unlock the life you desire.
  • Why do I need to book a discovery call before booking a session?
    This is a chance for the both of us to meet, chat and ensure that we are a perfect match for each other. Coaching is deeply personal work. It's delving into our mindset and emotions to find the solutions... so it's important that you feel that I am someone you can trust and open up to. It's also a chance for me to ensure that I feel I'm the right coach to assist your needs. If I conclude that I'm not the right fit for you I will do my absolute best to refer you to someone I know specializes in what it is you're looking for help with :)
  • Why do your clients start with a coaching package?
    I don't offer single sessions because thought work is WORK. It takes time. It takes coming back to the conversation, it takes reflecting on what has occurred since the last session, it takes trial and error, it takes deep understanding that only comes from digging into your values, beliefs, limitations, and life journey. Think of it like don't get a beautiful garden in a day. It takes vision, consistency, work and TIME.
  • Where does Coaching take place?
    Currently, all coaching sessions with Jess are done online via Zoom. Alternatively, you may also request your sessions take place over the phone. Its recommended that you have a quiet comfortable space, free from distractions, where you are able to speak openly and authentically. Having a nice warm cup of your favourite warm beverage on hand doesn't hurt either

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