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Mental Health for Creative Minds Coaching Program 

Tailored Coaching  Training for Film   TV Professionals to Thrive Under Pressure


Transform Stress Into Strength

As a film and television professional, you aspire to thrive in your creative career without sacrificing your mental health, personal relationships, or quality of life. You want to manage stress effectively, enhance emotional resilience, and foster professional relationships. You seek work stability and aim to build strong, collaborative relationships.



I know because I work in this industry too.

The film industry culture demands long hours, it comes with employment uncertainty, and it thrives on competitive standards. It’s a hustle culture with high demand work environments, big egos, and complicated power dynamics. The relentless stress leaves professionals like you burnt out and overwhelmed, questioning your longevity in the field. You may feel like you're not cut out for this, wondering when someone will see your value, questioning if this is really how you want to live your life….

I get it

I’m a freelance television producer and coordinator myself, working in unscripted television and based out of Toronto with over eight years of experience. I grew up as an actress, performing in community theatre, attending an arts-specific high school, and graduating from the prestigious George Brown Classical Theatre Conservatory. I have lived and grown within this industry my entire life and I too have navigated the complexities of this industry.

During the pandemic, I worked a brutal contract that led me to clinical burnout. I was deeply unwell. I had pushed myself, convinced that when the contract ended so would my stress and that I would be so proud of how I persevered and pushed through no matter what!…Sadly I knew nothing about stress, even though I thought I did. The show wrapped and I continued to wake up puking with anxiety, experiencing panic attacks, and crying all day. This led to me putting a pause on my career and I started taking antidepressants to aid in my recovery. Something I once felt tremendous shame for even though it helped.I have always been proactive in caring for my mental well-being and have leaned on the support of a therapist many times in my life, this time I started working with a coach as I started to consider leaving the industry, something many of us face.

60% considered leaving the industry due to mental health concerns in 2022 


29% of respondents considered taking their own life in 2022


 2% percent attempted


11% self-harmed

However, after months of exploration, I kept coming back to producing because I really do love what I do, I love the people I work with, and I love this work. I’m a Creative. That is my heart and soul and this is exactly what I want to be doing. 

I realized that if I were going to continue working in Film and TV, I needed to know how to better care for my mental well-being, and so I embarked on my mental health journey which included self-discovery and skill-building. Through my coaching diploma from Rhodes Wellness College, and somatic training with the Embody Lab, I learned that resilience, grit, communication, repair, leadership, and stress management are all skills that anyone can learn. Skills that we all really should have been taught in high school but sadly were not. These skills transformed my experience in the industry for the better.

I no longer vibrate with anxiety every time I'm on set

 I have stress management techniques, grounding tools, communication skills, self awareness and resources that I've personally curated to fit my specific needs as a creator. I have built a life outside of my work while I’ve simultaneously grown into higher roles and building a supportive community and professional network along the way.

And now I want to share them with you!

My Mental Health for Creative Minds Program takes an inside / outside approach:

  1. Identify your current stress response and explore somatic resources.

  2. Break down limiting beliefs and transform mindset blocks.

  3. Develop healthy boundaries and improve relationship dynamics.

  4. Enhance communication with non-violent techniques.

  5. Learn the power and importance of repair language and crisis management 

Throughout this 90 day program you get : 

  1. 6 x bi-weekly 1:1 coaching session (via zoom or phone) 

  2. Monday - Friday Voxer access to get in the moment support between calls 

  3. Weekly recorded trainings for you to listen to on your own time 

In just 12 weeks, this program takes you from feeling overwhelmed to calm and in control, providing self-regulation skills, conflict management, and one on one support tailored to your unique needs, without sacrificing your professional integrity or creative vision.

$2,000CAD ( or 3 month payment plan of $700/month)

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Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 8.35.39 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 8.33.43 PM.png

Ready to Transform Your Stress Into Strength?!

How much longer do you want to survive in this industry rather than thrive within it? Without these skills, you risk continued stress, burnout, and strained professional relationships. The industry statistics are truly alarming with: 

83% say industry culture negatively affects their wellbeing.


57% report work demands negatively impacting personal relationships.

46% experienced bullying, harassment, or discrimination.

This could harm your mental health and career stability, leaving you unfulfilled and potentially leading to career-ending consequences.

Imagine waking up excited for the day, feeling calm and in control on set, and thriving in your creative career without the constant anxiety and stress. Picture yourself managing conflicts effortlessly, maintaining healthy relationships, and having a robust support network. By joining the Mental Health for Creative Minds Program, you'll acquire vital skills in self-regulation, conflict management, and crisis resolution. This will lead to a balanced, fulfilling career where you can sustain your creative vision while achieving personal and professional success.

Book a zero-pressure consultation to see if this program is the right fit for you!

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