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"I'm in! How do we kick things off?"


Let's take it slow
and get to know each other first

Running an ethical Coaching practice is one of my top priorities and one way I am able to achieve that is by starting every prospective client with a free consultation. It's an opportunity for you to see if I'm someone you feel safe to open up to, and for me to ensure your needs are aligned with Coaching!

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And I KNOW these things can be scary, That first step is always the hardest. Just know that if either of us feels that we aren't the best fit, I won't leave you hanging and will do my best to refer you to a Therapist, Mentor, or Coach who I believe would better fit your needs. 

“What’s the investment?”

Well, thats up to you! (kinda ;)

I have a couple options for you to choose from depending on the level of support you are in search of.


1 - Package of 4 sessions ( 1 x 75min & 3 x 60min)

2 - Pay-as-you-go - 60min Session

3 - Pay-as-you-go - 30min Session



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