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Why Self Love is Important

Updated: May 18, 2022

Do you love yourself?

I’m not asking if you think you're “perfect”

I’m not asking if you think you are any better than anyone else

I’m not asking if you like your body

Or your looks

I’m asking if when you look in the mirror, do you have love, compassion, admiration and empathy for the person staring back at you.

The soul you.

The thinking you

The loving you

The hardworking you.

The one that dreams

The one that struggles

The one that yearns for more

Do you love that person?

Because it all starts with YOU.

When you love yourself, you demand more from your life.

You stop filtering and hiding who you are and step into the authentic version of yourself. When that happens you start attracting what it is you desire.

When you love yourself you see your value and you stop surrounding yourself with people who make you feel less than. You want to protect that soul you and do so by setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

When you learn to love yourself, you start to show up for yourself the same way you show up for those you love.

It’s a powerful, transformative kinda love that isn’t measured by anyone else’s opinions.

You are allowed to love yourself unconditionally.

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