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Thought work is WORK. It takes time.

It takes coming back to the conversation, reflection, trial and error.

It takes a level of self-acceptance and love that comes from digging into your values, beliefs, limitations, and life journey.

Think of this work like gardening. Sure you could plant a seed in a day, but you dont get a beautiful full garden just from that!. It takes vision, commitment, consistency, and time.

Everything starts with a Discovery Call

This is a FREE, zero obligation 30min Zoom chat where you and Jess will get a chance to meet and discuss what it is you would like to work on

Step Two

Everyone starts with a 4 Session starter package which includes: 

1 X 1.5 hour Zoom Session 

3 X 55min Zoom Sessions 

for a total of $444​

Sessions can be booked weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

After your 4 sessions have been completed you may choose to continue with Jess on 

A) A Session to Session basis for $125/ 55min Session or $70 for 30/min Session. 


B) A package of 4/ 55min sessions 

for a total of $420

Step One

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