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Expand Your Horizons. Cultivate Growth. Book Jess to speak at your next event or join one of her workshops!


As an experienced speaker and presenter, Jess has the skills and expertise to create a presentation that is tailored to your event and audience. Whether you're hosting a conference, workshop, or retreat, she will work with you to develop a custom curriculum that is both educational and entertaining.


With her unique background in both acting and life coaching, Jess has the ability to connect with audiences on a deep and meaningful level. Her presentations are not only informative and thought-provoking but also engaging and entertaining, leaving your attendees feeling inspired, empowered, and motivated to take action toward their personal wellness goals.


So why settle for a run-of-the-mill speaker when you can have Jess deliver a truly one-of-a-kind presentation that will make your event a success? Contact Jess today to learn more about Jess's speaking services and how she can help make your event unforgettable.


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