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Coached By Jess, Jessica McGann, Life Coach, Coaching for Creatives

I love Myself

Three words that for much of my life felt so distant to me. Like they were written in a foreign language.
Coached By Jess, Jessica McGann, Coaching for Creatives

Hi! My name’s Jess and I get to spend most of my days helping people get to where they want to be in life. I get to be a small part of your incredible story and there is nothing that feels more rewarding to me.

But it wasn’t always like that. Growing up I was that weird ADD theatre kid who got picked on because she didn’t ‘fit in’. I hated every day and dreamt of Broadway shows and feature films. Luckily, my childhood bullies couldn’t quite get the best of me as I moved on to a Performing Arts high school. I ended up going to college at the George Brown Classical Theater Conservatory and graduated top of my performance ability. Woo!

When you’re young it can feel like you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Your big dreams aren’t disillusioned by ‘the real world’ and you feel absolutely invincible. Well... my impenetrable shield ended up being quite penetrable.

During my second year of college, I went through a traumatic event AND my parents divorced in the same year. I quit acting.



The life that I had always envisioned fell out from under me. I was crushed.

Coached By Jess, Jessica McGann, Coaching for Creatives
Coached By Jess, Jessica McGann, Coaching for Creatives

At the time, I felt like there was nothing that could fix my life. And I know you’ve felt like that at some point too. You feel like you’re the only one going through it. Everyone else has their insta-perfect lives; their jobs, houses, family, and partners. And you’re just...stuck.

I did a lot of therapy. Like...a lot a lot. It really helped me work through my traumas and I’m super grateful to my therapists. But, I felt like my identity had been split into two. Me before the trauma and me after the trauma.

I had to relearn myself.

Jessica McGann, Coached By Jess, Coaching for Creatives
Coached By Jess, Jessica McGann, Coaching for Creatives
Jessica McGann, Coached By Jess, Coaching for Creatives

So, either through a miraculous turning point or a full-blown mental breakdown, I decided to take myself on a solo trip around the world. This isn’t going to turn into a travel blog I swear...but travelling opened up my world again. Immersing myself in different cultures, meeting people from all walks of helped me find myself. It helped me find my direction. Travel taught me how to trust myself. It taught me how to trust my gut instincts and I became so much stronger.

A version of myself who I’d never seen before...

A version of myself I loved?.

Coached By Jess, Jessica McGann, Coaching for Creatives
Jessica McGann, Coached By Jess, Coaching for Creatives
Coached By Jess, Coaching for Creatives, Jessica McGann

I love Myself

Those three little words that had evaded me for so damn long were finally mine.

I found out how to love myself again. I found out how to love life.

So, why should you care about this story about a random girl you came across on the internet? Well, I guess that leads me to why you’re here. If your story is anything like mine, if you feel directionless, like you’re on the wrong path or stuck in a place where you don’t want to be- then I’m here to help.

I obtained a Diploma in Life Coaching to share with YOU the skills I’ve learnt throughout my life and training that has helped me reach a place where I’m happy. Where I get to wake up every damn day and love myself. Love my life.


Now it's your turn. I want to hear YOUR story and how I can help you upgrade to the next phase in life.


  • Diploma - Life Coaching - Rhodes Wellness College

  • Advanced Diploma - Theatre Arts George Brown College

  • Film & TV Coordinator with 5+ years of experience

Professional Development

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy (100 Hours), The Embody Lab

  • Three Conversations of Leadership (6 Hours), IHHP


  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member

Travel Diary

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The Vatican

Czech Republic

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I participate in regular and ongoing professional development in order to maintain an ethical and constructive practice. I recognize the importance of doing my own work so that I can hold a safe and grounded space for my clients and am committed to my personal development through continued education, coaching, and self-study. Please feel free to ask me more about my commitments and pursuits in any of these areas.


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